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The PONSSE H7 harvester head specialises in large-diameter thinning and clear cutting. Relative to its high power, the PONSSE H7 harvester head is small and agile. Excellent tree handling properties in its class increase production, even at different types of logging sites.

PONSSE H7 is a highly compact, solid and powerful harvester head for demanding thinning and regeneration felling. Its powerful feed and excellent power-to-weight ratio are productive qualities, both in softwood and hardwood sites. Maximum feed speed at the correct length, combined with controlled feed acceleration and deceleration, reduces feed damage and improves machine efficiency. The adjustable grip pressure of delimbing knives and feed rollers, while feed rollers support trees from below, guarantees minimal friction and a firm grip during feeding. Easy-to-use automated systems ensure fast cutting and adjust sawing according to the tree diameter, improving the efficiency of sawing and extending the service life of the saw blade and chain.

H7 is the most efficient multi-stemming head. As the geometry of the rollers and delimbing knives is also excellent for collecting and cutting larger diameter trees, its multi-stemming feature processes stems all the way to log sizes.

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