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PONSSE Elephant represents the larger end of our product range in terms of power, load capacity and productivity. If you need the capacity to load a lot of wood in one run, the Elephant is the right machine for you. Long transport distances, challenging terrain, and steep slopes are no problem for the PONSSE Elephant. Like it's name, this workhorse gets the job done easily in conditions which would be too challenging for many other machines.


Elephant´s structure is designed to withstand the load of 18 tonnes, even in the toughest conditions. Forwarding routes are rarely flat. That is why the optional Active Frame cabin suspension system is highly appreciated by the operators as it reduces the operator stress in the cabin and helps them to remain productive throughout the entire shift. Large load space, smooth drive line and loader controls ensure the PONSSE Elephant's position as one of the most productive forwarders on the market.

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