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PONSSE Bison is the fastest forwarder in the world. This is easy to say, since no other forwarder has a transmission equipped with a stepless gear ratio change. When it is no longer necessary to stop when switching to the fast range from the slow range, working in all types of terrain is much faster. Just hit the throttle. With Active Frame as standard equipment, driving does not get smoother than this. It dramatically prevents the cabin, and the operator, from swaying. In addition, the new PONSSE Seat is now available – the first seat designed specifically for forest machines. These help you to drive faster in all types of terrain. However, the difference between a conventional hydrostatic transmission is remarkable on more even surfaces over longer distances. To top it all off, the engine rpm remains nearly constant, regardless of your speed. Of course, this has a significant impact on fuel consumption. Bison’s low-emission engine is highly economical.


Bison offers unprecedented new technology, from the front to the rear. The fuel economy and emissions of its Mercedes-Benz / MTU engine have been optimised to meet the strictest requirements. At the same time, it consumes very low amounts of fuel. In place of a conventional hydrostatic transmission, Bison’s engine is extended by the CVT transmission. Just hit the throttle and the stepless transmission selects the most ideal gear ratio. As a result, high speeds do not increase fuel consumption at the same ratio as in hydrostatic systems. Equipped with the Active Crane boom control system, the grapple becomes an extension of the operator’s hand. It goes where you want it to go, easily and effortlessly. Loading is like child’s play. Bison carries 16 tons with unprecedented ease from forests to storage sites.

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