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RSG Grapples Vosch
RSG Grapples Vosch RSG Grapples Vosch RSG Grapples Vosch RSG Grapples Vosch
RSG Grapples Vosch RSG Grapples Vosch RSG Grapples Vosch RSG Grapples Vosch
RSG Grapples Vosch RSG Grapples Vosch
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The dismountable sawunit is available for a .404 chain. The unit is (dis)mounted in seconds with the use of a quickcoupler system. This unit is perfect for debranching, shortening, cutting and felling (small) trees. Think nursery jobs near roads, railways or the more domestic jobs out there. If it’s going to get though, consider a fixed heavy duty sawunit.
These HD sawunit are designed for continues use as a grapple saw, in compare to the dismountable .404 sawunit, with more motor displacement and a heavy duty casing. All hydraulic drive parts are placed on the grapple side, which result in a low cutting edge, harvester heads alike.The units are available for a .404 and a 3/4″ pitch.
The design with 7 grapple teeth makes you in control of all your sorting jobs and materials. The biggest model has a maximum opening diameter of 2.20 meters (7.72 ft.) and it closes to a minor 12 cm (0.39 ft.). It gives full ranging and positioning freedom, just grab and don’t let go. Big and long logs cannot tip-over inside the grapple. The teeth penetrate a pile of logs or shredder material with ease and hooked material within the bucket jaw(s) belongs to the past. The last bit of material can be raked together and you can still keep your shredder free from stones and dirt because these will easily fall through.These grapples enable you to work decisive and precise in demolition. The same goes with beam handling, fully embrace and hold on.
The oversized turntable endures high torsion. Completed with high torque orbit motors. All rotators are standard ready for additional rotation motors, to reach a total of 4 motors for undeniable strength. The rotation head is available for dangling or positioned mounting, for all quick couplers out there. Hoses and cylinders are protected inside the rotator head to eliminate damage and hose twisting. Hardened shafts and bushes with high strength steel guarantees extreme durability. The grapple is build out of high quality strength steel, we retain existing weight and add extra strength and durability. Line bored after welding for a perfect seamless fit.

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