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Biber Trucks Eschlböck Biber Trucks Eschlböck Biber Trucks Eschlböck Biber Trucks Eschlböck
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Modelli Disponibili:    Biber 70 - Biber 80 - Bibe 83 - Biber 84 - Biber 92

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Technical data Biber 70 Biber 80 Biber 83 Biber 84 Biber 92
Max. wood diameter 40 cm 55 cm 60 cm 60 cm 75 cm
Feed width 84 cm 98 cm 98 cm 122 cm 122 cm
Number of knives or blades 12 14 8 or 16 10 or 20 10 or 20

The year 2005 set Eschlböck’s first self-propelled device, the Biber 80 RBZ, on its way.

The Biber 83, 84 and 92 RBZ series use a three axle truck with all-wheel drive and a 540 hp engine (also operating the chipping drum) as their standard platform.

With a maximum speed of 80 km/h, Biber trucks can be moved quickly even on long distances on motorways all over Europe. In addition, its all-wheel drive gives customers the option of operating them on unfortified forestry roads as well as in the open country – for example whenever pest infestation requires processing large amounts of infested timber. This saves time and expenses for timber logging. The wood chipper based on an all-wheel driven truck is also unchallenged on sandy ground or on extremely moist terrain.

Its short wheel base makes the compact wood chipper extremely agile and manoeuvrable. For high effectivity in narrow locations, the crane can operate even directly above the cabin roof.

The new RBZ cooler with increased continuous power

Eschlböck has developed a new cooling system with a considerably increased cooling capacity for all chippers driven by the truck engine. Air intercooler and water radiator have been arranged side by side – not in a row like with usual coolers. The new coarsely meshed and robust radiator block guarantees optimal air interchange. In contrast to the conventional coolers requiring extensive maintenance, the new cooler can be cleaned simply and effectively by air or water jet. Positioned at the same spot as the original serial cooler, the new cooling system doesn’t constrict the optimal visibility conditions for the operator that Eschlböck wood chipping machines have been renowned for.

The Eschlböck devices’ intelligent design leaves customers the option of backfitting their woodchippers with the latest technology. This results in a high resale value of an Eschlböck Biber.

RBM model – the complete and perfect solution

Based on an all-wheel driven four-axle track, the wood chipper is designed turnable. Its feeder conveyor belt, more than 3m long, and the high-capacity mounted engine make its performance very effective.

The operator works conveniently in the truck cabin modified for the chipping process. Additional comfort is offered by the L-cabin with even more space and more thermal insulation glazing for improved visibility.

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