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Biber 85 Eschlböck
Biber 85 Eschlböck Biber 85 Eschlböck Biber 85 Eschlböck Biber 85 Eschlböck
NomeBiber 85 Eschlböck


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A heavy-duty chipper with higher capacity

Mounted on a three-axles-chassis with 6×6 drive the Eschlböck Chipper, with an effective cutting width of 147 cm, is seated on a MAN-chassis. The driving power of the Biber 85 is 540 PS.

New on the market of wood chippers and possible for all Eschlböck truck-solutions is the panorama-cabine from Eschlböck: The visual oversight thanks to thermal insulation panorama-glass allows an ideal sight on the chip-production within a radius of 360° as well as to follow the action of lifting operations over the crane-cabine.

Support for the daily operation with the Biber 85 is also given by lighting and camera systems which can be mounted on the machine. These are vibration-resistant camera-systems, which show the action on the monitor in the cockpit. The SPS-control is totally orientated towards the customer: The joystick-axles can be connected as desired, the driver gets constantly responses about temperatures of liquids, rotational speeds and oil pressure – depending on the desired amount of information. The control and monitoring systems, mounted according to customer wish, mesh perfectly and allow an exact analysis of the performance. The just described performance index and controlling features convince machinery contractors which deal with different customer requirements and want to have a high performance per hour.

The truck makes it possible to move fast forward on motorways and logging roads – this enlarges the operating radius of the wood chipper for chipping orders.

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