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Biber 83 Eschlböck
Biber 83 Eschlböck Biber 83 Eschlböck Biber 83 Eschlböck Biber 83 Eschlböck
NomeBiber 83 Eschlböck


Modelli Disponibili:    83 Z / ZK - 83 RBZ - 83 S - 83 RBM

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Technical data 83 Z / ZK 83 RBZ 83 S 83 RBM 1)
Maximum wood diameter 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm
Max. woodØ with blade system (hard wood) 45 cm 45 cm 45 cm 45 cm
In-feed width 98 cm 98 cm 98 cm 98 cm
No. of knives or blade system 8 or 16 8 or 16 8 or 16 8 or 16
Chain belt in-feed length to roller 2.05 m 2.05 m 3.1 m 1.7 / 2.4 / 3.1 m
Power required via PTO shaft from 150 kW
(204 HP)
- - -
Rotational speed of PTO shaft 1000 rpm - - -
Power requirement from engine - HGV 397 kW
(539 HP)
from 331 kW
(450 HP)
from 331 kW
(450 HP)
Hydraulic swinging drawbar - - -
Turntable - - -
Loading crane - / ● -
Transport dimensions l x w x h (m) * 5.9 x 2.5 x 3.9 8.3 x 2.5 x 4.0 9.6 x 2.5 x 3.7 2) x 2.5 x 4.0
Weight ca. (kg) * 12,500 / 15,000 24,000 17,000 2)

* Depending on the fittings ● Standard model ○ Optional extra available at extra cost

1) Model variants: Z: Drive for power take-off shaft / ZK: Power take-off shaft and crane / Top: with conveyor belt /
RBZ: Truck engine drive / S: with motor on trailer with swinging drawbar / All-in-one device RBM or RM variant: wood chipper mounted on a frame to be installed on top of the customer's vehicle

2) depending on the variant chosen

With a feeding roller 75 cm in size!

The optimised feeding system and a large and aggressive feeding roller allow convenient introduction of material within easy reach of the chipping knives.

Increased flow capacity, higher quality of wood chips

Its split and large screen element accelerates the material drainage after the chipping process, also increasing the flow capacity of wood chips. The minor friction also reduces the content of small particles leading to a higher quality of wood chips.

Gentle ejection

The large, low-wear blowers with a diameter of 1.55 m allow gentle ejection of wood chips to a wide range.

Accurate stream of chips

Ejection at a level of 5.2 m is ideal for feeding high-levelled trailers and containers. It is hydraulically adjustable in level from 2.6 to 5.2 m. By using the optional flap above the stream, the chip spout can be diverted upwards or downwards to use the space of the applied storage area to full capacity.

Fine or coarse chipping

The new multi-purpose chipping rotor is smooth-running and energy-saving by construction. The robust chipping knives or the optional blade system produce as well precise and fine as coarse chips for industrial furnaces – depending on applied knives or screen size. If you consider retooling, you can switch also belatedly between robust chipping knives and the fast-adjustable blade system.

Knives safeguarded against foreign objects

The patented knife fixing prevents or at least considerably reduces damages to the mechanism caused by foreign objects.

Convenient handling

The standard hydraulic locking of the feeding hopper is being handled conveniently from the operator’s remote controlling unit. Reverse automatic and easy adjustment of feeding aggressiveness prevents the unit from overcharging.

Flexible Z / ZK variant

The adjustable chassis for a simple composition with or without crane and simple switching between suspending and coupling distinguish the Z / ZK variant as a flexible device.

Biber 83 RBZ: high mobility and perfect performance for every requirement

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