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Biber 7 Eschlböck
Biber 7 Eschlböck Biber 7 Eschlböck Biber 7 Eschlböck Biber 7 Eschlböck
NomeBiber 7 Eschlböck


Modelli Disponibili:    Biber 7 - Biber 7 plus

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Technical data Biber 7 Biber 7 plus
Crane-fed -
Chipping system Drum chipper
Feed chute 35 x 56 cm
Chain belt in-feed 0.8 m
No. of knives 8
Interchangeable screens for chip lengths of 2, 3 or 4 cm
Electronic feed control incl. operating hours counter
V-belt transmission SPB SPC
Power required via PTO shaft from 44 to 100 kW

(59 to 136 HP)

from 44 to 125 kW

(59 to 170 HP)

Rotational speed of PTO shaft 1000 rpm
Travelling axis 10 (25) km/hr
Travelling axis 80 km/hr, compressed air braking -
Reinforced hydraulic drive
Wired remote control -
Loading crane -
Dimensions l x w x h (m) *

Working position

Transport position


3.75 x 2.93 x 3.50

3.75 x 2.43 x 2.80


5.0 x 3.35 x 4.00

5.0 x 2.55 x 3.20

Weight ca. * from 3,150 kg from 5,000 kg

* Depending on the fittings ● Standard model ○ Optional extra available at extra cost

Anti-foreign body shear pin safety device

Foreign bodies that have been forgotten in the stored timber, such as tools, can easily be overlooked when loading by crane, and can finish up in the wood chipper. Thanks to the new patented anti-foreign body shear pin safety device on the knife mounting, minor damage can often be avoided or at least reduced and the cost of repairs cut.

Big feed opening and chain belt in-feed

The chain belt in-feed makes it easy to load anything from whole trees to short logs and bark. The new and conveniently large feed hopper is fitted with state-of-the-art safety devices.

Biber 7 plus – safety devices for loading by hand or crane

Without having to dismantle anything, the manual gearshift is protected simply by putting the crane extension hopper in position. When loading by crane, all functions can be conveniently controlled by wired remote control from the towing vehicle. Biber 7 plus offers the convenience of the big machines.

With interchangeable screens for accurate chip sizes

Having interchangeable screens means that different chip sizes can be accurately produced in accordance with Austrian standard 7133 and EN 14961. The two feed screws and the powerful blower give the wood chips a greater discharge range.

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