Eschlböck - Biber 3/21 Eschlböck

Biber 3/21 Eschlböck
Biber 3/21 Eschlböck Biber 3/21 Eschlböck
NomeBiber 3/21 Eschlböck


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Technical data

Biber 3/21
Chipping system disque wheel
Infeed opening 21 x 24 cm
No. of knives 3 Stück
Chip length adjustment 1-3 cm
Secondary knife for exact fine wood chips
Hydraulic tank 35 Liter
Drive power via PTO ab 30 bis 80 kW
Rotational speed of PTO shaft 540 – 1000 U/min
Grinding device
Prolongation ejection tube
Dimensions l x b x h (m) * Three-point-attelage (serie)
Working position 2,61 x 1,55 x 3,21
Transport position 2,61 x 1,55 x 2,43
Weight three-point ca.* 1.080 kg

* depending on the fittings ● serie ○ optional extra available at extra cost

Feeding area according to the latest findings:

safe, ergonomic, functional

also excellent for bulky raw material

Well thought-out safety device

increased safety with rope on all 4 sides of feeding hopper: both pressing and pulling forwards the safe-stop signal to the control


by the German GS (Guaranteed Safety) quality mark

Control of the machine

easy, intuitive control by sensor key

enables a quick startup

SPS Control

mode selection depending on desired quality of wood chips:

fine, medium, coarse or user-defined

automatic error detection and emergency mode

clear display that shows daily- and total hours counter

Hydraulic system

high quality hydraulic components and a large amount of oil guarantee high performance and long life


all lubrication points accessible from the outside without opening a guard

Sharpener fitted

Anytime sharp knives thanks to the grinding device mounted on the machine

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