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Biber Powertruck Eschlböck
Biber Powertruck Eschlböck Biber Powertruck Eschlböck Biber Powertruck Eschlböck
NomeBiber Powertruck Eschlböck


Modelli Disponibili:    TUROX - VICAN

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Specifications TUROX VICAN
max. log diameter 75 cm 75 cm
max. diameter infeed 122 cm 122 cm
diameter rotor 100 cm 100 cm
number of knives 10 or 20 pcs. 10 or 20 pcs.
screen size ca. 2 m² ca. 2 m²
crane Epsilon Palfinger S110F104 Epsilon Palfinger S110F104
engine Mercedes 630 PS/460 kW Volvo 750 PS/551 kW
cubic capacity 15.5 litres 16 litres
power unit 8×8 8×4 incl. X-track
automatic gearbox Autom.-torque converter autom. manual gearbox (l-Shift gear box)
max. speed 80 km/h 80 km/h
rear axle steerable
rear axle liftable -
wheel base 3.7 m 3.7 m
tyres 14.00 R20 & 12.00 R24 385/65 R22,5 & 315/80 R22,5
dimensions* 910 x 255 x 400 cm 870 x 255 x 400 cm
weight* 32.000 kg 31.000 kg

The new product line BIBER POWERTRUCK are two especially designed trucks for wood chipping. The VICAN convinces with a maximum in power output in operation, the TUROX with a great off-road performance.

TUROX – the favourite off-roader
  • off-the-road power chipper
  • 630 PS (621 hp) with direct full power transfer
  • 8×8 all-wheel drive and steerable rear axle
  • wheel diameter like the desert race Ralley Dakar

VICAN – outstanding performance
  • 750 PS (740 hp) – chipping and on the road
  • tridem chassis
  • steerable and liftable rear axle
  • high driving comfort

Biber 92 represents strenght!

A cutting width of 122 cm and a rotor – diameter more than 1 m with more than 2 m² screen size processes up to 75 cm stem wood to perfect wood chips.

The innovative Eschlböck rotor is besides the longer endurance easy to maintain. All parts are manufactured to be easily replaced after wearout or can be separately renewed after damage through a foreign object.

The rotor can be equipped with rugged knives or with quickly replaceable blades including the proven foreign object protection. Depending on screen size and the used knives/blades several different wood chip sizes are able to be produced.

Through the great driving power of the Powertrucks the rotor Biber 92 is able to deliver it´s real strength. Based on their premium equipment the Biber Powertrucks are unbeatable regarding many operating hours and throughput, driving in difficult terrains and fast driven distance.

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